Procession Through Infestation

by Zombiefication



released June 11, 2014


All music written by Mr. Jacko
Vocals by Mr. Hitch
Guitars and bass by Mr. Jacko
Guitar solos by Mr. Kim
Drums by Mr. Hammer

Zombiefication’s visual, lyrical and overall concept by Mr. Hitch

Art direction by Mr. Hitch:


Procession Through Infestation was recordead at Bravesound Studio, México by Jesús Bravo.
Mixed and Mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio, Sweden.

Metal Raised On Aztec Bloodshed



all rights reserved


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zombiefication Mexico

After 3 decades of sickness, the 2 piece maggot eating death machine known as Zombiefication, is ready to crawl out of the grave with disgust. Soon they will take over the graveyard and unite the dead for the unholy ceremony. Few have been the encounters so far, but the new age of putrid Death Metal will stench the world. Welcome to the gates, to the gates of the Underworld. ... more

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Track Name: Infestation

In the hidden roads everything is still in the distance,
breathing fear into eternity.

Praying to fly without fear between men and wolfs,
between lights and shadows.
As angels in heaven and men on Earth.

In dreams, shadows are doomed entities.
It is said that they have heard them sing
in the language of the dead,
of melancholy; time and its memories.

The night pauses the wind that time changed,
infesting with nightmares that come and go,
even further from the darkness.

Saying goodbye to the light-Approaching the shadows.
Saying goodbye to the light - Bringing the stench.
Saying goodbye to the light-Aproaching death.

The shadows move beyond the darkness,
between unexplained noises that infest everything in their path.
Track Name: Procession

We are unknown in the procession
to the Kingdom which revealed us by the fire.

We resurrect from tears,
live fast and die slow.

Mounted against the tide
we are traveling without direction,
wandering to our fate.

We are primitive incarnations
with breath to death.

Clandestine beings without guts,
poisoned the subconscious.

Beings of darkness far from light.

We walked to whispering
nebulous visions of past lives;
infestation, oppression and possession.